Guide Course in South Africa

Guide Course in South Africa

Guide courses in South Africa

In South Africa, there are several reputable guide courses and certifications available to help individuals pursue a career in guiding. These courses provide comprehensive training and qualifications in various aspects of guiding, including wildlife, safari, cultural, and adventure tourism. Here are a few notable guide courses in South Africa:

1. Field Guide Association of Southern Africa (FGASA): FGASA is a highly regarded organization that offers a range of guide courses and certifications. They provide qualifications such as the Field Guide (Level 1, 2, and 3), Marine Guide, and Trails Guide. These courses cover topics such as animal behavior, birding, ecology, tracking, and guiding techniques. FGASA certifications are widely recognized and sought after within the South African guiding industry.

2. South African Tourism Services Association (SATSA): SATSA offers various training courses and certifications for guides, including the Nature Guide Course and Cultural Guide Course. These courses focus on enhancing knowledge about South African wildlife, cultural heritage, history, and guiding ethics. SATSA certifications are respected within the tourism industry.

3. Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport Education and Training Authority (THETA): THETA is an accredited training authority that offers guide-related qualifications, including the National Certificate in Tourism Guiding. This program covers a wide range of subjects, including destination knowledge, guiding techniques, customer service, and cultural tourism. THETA certifications are recognized nationally and are valued by employers in the tourism industry.

4. EcoTraining: EcoTraining offers professional guide training courses in various locations across South Africa. They provide programs like the Field Guide Course and Trails Guide Course, which focus on practical field experience, wildlife conservation, birding, and bush skills. EcoTraining is known for its immersive and experiential approach to guide training.

When considering guide courses in South Africa, it's essential to research the reputation and accreditation of the training provider. Look for institutions or organizations that offer recognized certifications, experienced instructors, and practical training opportunities. Additionally, networking within the industry and gaining practical experience through internships or volunteering can further enhance your skills and employability as a guide.


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Guide Course in South Africa

Apprentice Field Guide Southern Africa

This FGASA endorsed, CATHSSETA accredited course is the entry level qualification for field guiding which encompasses vehicle-based guiding in dangerous and non-dangerous games areas. Once qualified, the guide is able to identify and interpret biodiverse elements of the natural environment. The guide will be able to conduct game drives for guests in a limited geographical area. The syllabus covers a broad spectrum of subjects including 4×4 Game Drive vehicle skills specific for game viewing, species identification, and tracking to mention a few.

Guide Course in South Africa

Ecotracker Wildlife Monitoring South Africa

Take part in this unique training course in South Africa and acquire traditional skills in wildlife tracking and essential knowledge of conservation management within 28 days.
Tracking describes the skill and knowledge to recognize, interpret and follow animal signs. Skilled trackers know what an animal is doing – without actually seeing it. In short: Tracking opens the door to hidden worlds.
The art of tracking is one of the most complex skills in the world of wildlife and plays a significant role in the fields of ecotourism, species conservation and wildlife monitoring.
The course is divided into three different phases. In the last phase, you will have the opportunity to take a final exam and depending on the results achieved, obtain a Tracker Academy and FGASA endorsed Tracker certificate.

Guide Course in South Africa

Professional Field Guide Course

The one-year Professional Field Guide training course is definitely our guiding course highlight: You will have an unforgettable experience in a unique natural environment and be given the official FGASA endorsed Professional Field Guide certificate. The majority of your trip will be spent under open skies, and every day will bring a new feeling of being close to nature. Take the time to train to be a professional field guide over 12 months.

Guide Course in South Africa

Apprentice Trails Guide Southern Africa

Do you fancy taking time-out from your normal routine? Are you dreaming about a great adventure in Africa? Then the Apprentice Trails Guide course is tailor-made for you. You will spend 28 memorable days either in the biodiversity of Makuleke, South Africa or Mashatu, Botswana, learning how vital safety is in the heart of the bush. Opt for nature training in a special place which provides the best conditions for an Apprentice Trails Guide course, thanks to the virtually unspoilt environment. Experienced instructors will educate you about the wonders of the African wilderness and help you to improve your Field Guide skills day by day.

Guide Course in South Africa

Safari Guide Southern Africa

In South Africa and Botswana, nature fascinates us with its harmonious interplay of flora, fauna, climate, and nature, in which you will acquire valuable knowledge and useful skills in daily practice. Make your Wilderness Experience amidst the typical landscapes and the breathtaking diversity of the animal kingdom.
The 28-day Safari Guide course in Botswana or South Africa will teach you the basics of African nature not only in theory but of course also in practice. As with all our programmes, the intensive work in and with nature will reveal new facets to your personality and a personal development which will pleasantly surprise both you and others.

Guide Course in South Africa

Tracking Southern Africa

This course will help you to find your bearings in the African wilderness and will make you more familiar with the animal life in the area. You will deepen your knowledge of the various animals in the region, learn how to recognise their tracks and use these tracks to make your approach. Your survival training in the wilderness will include the traditional know-how of historical hunters and gatherers. This will include teaching about vital subjects such as finding water, identifying edible fruit and laying traps. Come and have an unforgettable adventure in the middle of a unique landscape and acquire traditional know-how in the African wilderness.